The Galaxy Note 8 was rumored to be published in late August

2017-06-10 15:50Administrator

Like the iPhone 8 released in September, samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is also the flagship phone for the second half of this year.Rumors and rumors about the Galaxy Note 8 have been ongoing, with the latest rumours that samsung will release the phone in advance of the launch in late August.

It is rumored that samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 8 in late August, just days before the IFA 2017.Let the media report and try it during the IFA.To overhaul and body iPhone 8, and LG V30 competition, the Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped with qualcomm Xiao dragon 835 processor, Infinity Display screen and dual lens, this 3 phone is expected by the end of the year as a positive competition.